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Mario Kart DS tracks as packed .blend files

these files have been exported with apicula and then thrown in blender to work with the NNS plugin (so having the images and texcords fixed).

Conversion by ĖHoik. (mainly for Scaleable tracks )

Donít know why youíll need this, but here are some suggestions
-Reference for track size
-Scaled tracks
-Texture/model hacks

Made in Blender with the NNS plugin, should work for all but I havenít tested.
Some texture that are mirrored, or flipped wonít show in blender (check the material window to see)
When exporting with NNS, the normal size scale is x1, not x0.0625, (use x16 for getting a KCL)

Please Read the 'Read Me.txt' in the file
Download V2.0

Know Issues
-Some animated textures in the Mushroom, Flower, Shell and banana cup donít work.
-Some are wrong or missing
-Some texture still arenít mirrored in game. I am slowly working though this
-Some textures dont show on both sides

Old Downloads if errors:
Download v1.0

Last edit by Xgone on Mon May 31 18:46:34 CDT 2021