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CTGP Nitro

CTGP Nitro is a Mario Kart DS ROM Hack that, instead of replacing existing tracks, adds new ones by using the More Cups ASM hack by Gericom. The hack contains tracks submitted by various creators, and will be openly accepting submissions and continuously updating with newer content.

CTGP Nitro plans on adding 24 new cups to the game, giving it a total of 32 cups, 128 courses.

All placeholder cups will all have GCN Yoshi Circuit as playable courses.

Want to submit to CTGP Nitro? Check out this page here.

Official Trailer

Official Website

CTGP Nitro

Alternative Character List (Release 2)

SNES Mario by rocoloco321 (Alt for Mario)
Hammer Luigi by JGG (Alt for Luigi)
Peachette by Birdo (Alt for Peach)
Boshi by arsanea (Alt for Yoshi)
Chef Toad by Birdo (Alt for Toad)
Classic DK by Birdo (Alt for DK)
Wario Man by Xgone (Alt for Wario)
King Koopa by arsanea (Alt for Bowser)
Classic Daisy by Birdo (Alt for Daisy)
Paper Dry Bones by gren-aid (Alt for Dry Bones)
Virtual Boy ROB by Xgone (Alt for ROB)

Track Listing (Release 2)

1-Up Cup

Llama Circuit by NinjaboySC
Moonlight Lake by NintyYoshi
Sunshine Station by Rover
Snowy Thrill Trail by NintyYoshi

Egg Cup

Toad Road by NintyYoshi
Snowflake Canyon by Xgone
Color Circuit by rocoloco321
Sky-High Road by arsanea

Moon Cup

Piranha Plant Pass by SuperGameCube
Mushroom Garden by Xgone
Toy Time Galaxy by Antiflex
Green Hill Zone by Rover


Pro Vanilla Lake 2 by arsanea
Carrera Circuit by Louis Miles
Mars Colony by Prellit
Env Map Cave by Antiflex

Spiny Cup

Wii Luigi Circuit by rocoloco321
SMO RC Challenge by rocoloco321
Wii Moo Moo Meadows by Antiflex
N64 Toad's Turnpike by NintyYoshi

Boo Cup

Wii Mario Circuit by NintyYoshi
MBL New York Minute by rocoloco321
N64 Wario Stadium by Mapper
Roulette Road by Rover

Chain Chomp Cup

Dokan Course
Nokonoko Beach
GCN Mario Circuit
Beta Pinball

Feather Cup

SNES Mario Circuit 3 by Metashrew
SNES Ghost Valley 2 by arsanea
SNES Bowser Castle 3 by arsanea
SNES Rainbow Road by arsanea

Acorn Cup

Crystal Village by Prellit
Goomba Lake by arsanea
Autumn Forest by Eider
Kartville by YoshiDude4

Freezie Cup

Snowman Village by Prellit
Maker Mountain by gren-aid
Frappe Snowland 2 by rocoloco321
Yoshi Mountain by arsanea

Shine Cup


Bell Cup


Turnip Cup

N64 Luigi Raceway by rocoloco321
SNES Mario Circuit 2 by Mapper
GBA Shy Guy Beach by SuperGameCube
Wii Mushroom Gorge by Prellit

Coin Cup

N64 Mario Raceway by Antiflex
Wii U Super Bell Subway by Olivercomet and Eider
MBL Merry Mountain by Eider
Wii U Animal Crossing by EK Team

Bob-omb Cup


Marble Cup


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