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Creator= SYStEM
Tracks= Texture Hacked + Custom Tracks
Battle Tracks= Texture Hacked
Vehicles= Texture Hacked
Release= January 13th, 2013
version= 1.3 EUR, 1.3 US
Download= Google Drive
Predecessor= Mario Kart CW
Successor= Mario Kart First

(Don't download from this video, best I could find atm to show off MK0 in general. Video is from a very early build of MK0 ~ Jorden)
1 Origins
2 Staff (SYStEM)
3 Tracks
3.1 Mushroom Cup
3.2 Flower Cup
3.3 Star Cup
3.4 Special Cup
3.5 Shell Cup
3.6 Banana Cup
3.7 Leaf Cup
3.8 Lightning Cup
4 Characters

After gathering experience contributing to the MKCW project, when texture hacking started becoming possible, Szymbar15 thought about making his own hack. Containing texture hacks of everything, he took a buggy MKCWOSE 6.2 ROM, fixed all bugs and started to texture. But Szymbar15 was not the only person involved; Super joined his project soon afterwards. Next, MKDS started helping them. In addition, to complete this quartet, Szymbar15 invited Yoshidude4. Afterwards, a new member, Ermelber, which is a MKWii hacker, and who is specialised with graphics hacking. Ermelber is Italian, so he became the Italian translator, as well. After collecting some data, he translated Select Character Screen images to all 5 languages!

Staff (SYStEM)
Szymbar15: Production Director, Hacker, Texture Hacker, Publisher, Music Hacker, Graphic Designer, Custom Track Designer
Yoshidude4: Hacker, Texture Hacker, Publisher, Deputy Director
Superstarxalien169: Translator, Hacker, Texture Hacker, Music Hacker
MKDS1992: Staff Ghoster
Ermelber: All languages Translator (expecially Italian), Graphics Designer, Custom Track Developer/Designer


Mushroom Cup
Track Author
Luigi's Mansion 2 Super
Koopa Falls Yoshidude4
Peach Peach Beach Yoshidude4
Peach's Castle Yoshidude4

Flower Cup
Track Author
Bowser's Lava Circle Ray
Delfino City Yoshidude4
Pipe Pinball Super and Yoshidude4
Ermelber Circuit 1 Ermelber

Star Cup
Track Author
DK Pass Summit Super
Rainbow Place Super, Yoshidude4 and Szymbar15
N64 Mario Raceway Ermelber
Sky Arena Super

Special Cup
Track Author
Volcanic Island Yoshidude4
DK Garden Yoshidude4 and Szymbar15
Super Christmas Den Super, Yoshidude4 and Szymbar15
Rainbow Ray Road Ray

Shell Cup
Track Author
GB Mario Land Yoshidude4
N64 Moo Moo Beach Yoshidude4
Neo Peach Circuit Super and Yoshidude4
GCN Sherbet Autodrome Ermelber

Banana Cup
Track Author
Ray's Circuit Ray
Ray's Polar Circuit Ray
GBA Rainbow Road (MK0 Exclusive) Ermelber
SNES Rainbow Road Szymbar15

Leaf Cup
Track Author
XoLT's Garden XoLT
N64 Mountain Raceway Yoshidude4
DKR Ancient Lake Yoshidude4 and Ermelber
GCN Toad's Turnpike Super

Lightning Cup
Track Author
Distortion Flipper Szymbar15 and Super
N64 Bad Bad Chippy Szymbar15
Fr33ze Circuit Fr33ze
GCN Blue Yoshi Circuit Super

Ice Mario: by Szymbar15
Flying Luigi: by Superstarxalien169
Fawful Guy: by Superstarxalien169
Blue Yoshi: by Szymbar15
Young Toadsworth: by Szymbar15
Snowy Kong: by Superstarxalien169
Robotnik: Yoshidude4
Dark Bowser: Yoshidude4
Rosalina: by Szymbar15
Red Koopa Troopa: by Szymbar15 and Superstarxalien169
Green Waluigi: by alexvire
Dark R.O.B.: by Yoshidude4

Last edit by Jorden on Sun Nov 10 19:24:29 CST 2019