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(this thread had been made for archiving purposes (by misonothx))

Hack Author: MicProGamese

Download (.xdelta, Original Download Link) | Version: Latest (1.51)

Requirements: Mario Kart DS ROM (NTSC-U)

Tested On:
|- Real Hardware: Yes (via NDS-Bootstrapper, DSI XL)
|- Emulation: Should Work

Known Glitches:
- OOB in Custom Track (that replaces Figure-8 Circuit)
- Random Wall Collision on the road in Custom Track (that replaces Figure-8 Circuit)
- Missing Death Boundaries in Custom Track (that replaces Rainbow Road)
- No-LapCount Shortcut in N64 Luigi Raceway
- OOB in N64 Luigi Raceway
- No-LapCount Shortcut in N64 Mario Raceway
- No Collision on Wall Shortcut in N64 Bowser Castle
- # Feel free to edit if you have found new glitches #

ROM Info:
Changed Tracks: 12

Edited Tracks:
- Figure-8 Circuit (swapped with Custom Track)
- Rainbow Road (swapped with Custom Track)
- SNES Mario Circuit 1 (swapped with N64 Luigi Raceway)
- GBA Peach Circuit (swapped with Koopa N64 Troopa Beach)
- SNES Donut Plains 1 (swapped with N64 Toad's Turnpike)
- GBA Bowser Castle 2 (swapped with N64 Choco Mountain)
- GCN Parc Baby (swapped with N64 Mario Raceway)
- N64 Choco Mountain (swapped with N64 Sherbet Land)
- GBA Luigi Circuit (swapped with N64 Royal Raceway)
- GCN Mushroom City (swapped with N64 Bowser Castle)
- GBA Sky Garden (swapped with N64 Banshee Boardwalk) (they've exchanged place)
- GCN Circuit Yoshi (swapped with N64 Rainbow Road)

Last edit by Archiver on Sat Dec 19 21:55:52 CST 2020