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Mario Kart Toolbox

Current version:

Mario Kart Toolbox is a software application currently developed by Gericom and Ermelber. Mario Kart Toolbox features a 3D editor for nkm files.


- 3D and 2D views of the entire course
- Local and global map views and editors
- Export of a .nds ROM as a project for easier editing, and viceversa
- Kart viewer and editor, can edit tire and character positions, stats and unlock criteria
- Editing of track info such as course picture (only for tracks), music and sound slot, global map generator, CPU difficulty and rubberbanding, etc.
- KCL importing and exporting, with all the collision values listed
- Mission Mode NKM editing
- NKM transformation
- Intro camera viewer
- ROM Filesystem viewer
- BMG editing
- And a lot more

Download Here

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