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(this thread had been made for archiving purposes (by misonothx), .xdelta patch has been created specifically for this thread, original download is dead)

Hack Author: Zero Reiatsu

Download (.xdelta, Custom Download Link) | Version: Final

Requirements: Mario Kart DS ROM (NTSC-U)

Tested On:
|- Real Hardware: Yes (via NDS-Bootstrapper, DSI XL)
|- Emulation: Should Work

Known Glitches:
- Water has no collision in Riviere Luigi
- Deadly OOB Possible in Riviere Luigi
- Custard-Cream Color Object is drivable on 1 side in Cercle De Lave
- Long Death Triggers in Route Celeste
- Unintended Shortcut in Route Celeste
- Dying OOB in Arene Bowser causes a Death Loop
- Unintended Shortcut in Pays Des Koopa
- Weird & Missing Texture in Route Arc-En-Ciel
- Missing Collision in Mini Route Arc-En-Ciel
- Clip in Pipe on N64 Mario Circuit
- OOB in Flipper De Glace
- 2 OOBs in GCN Circuit Mario
- Unintended Shortcut on Plage Volcanique
- Unintended Shortcut on Ville De Nuit
- OOB in Ville De Nuit
- # Feel free to edit if you have found new glitches #

ROM Info:
Changed Tracks: 32 (Full Game)

Tracks Names:

Mushroom Cup:
- Circuit Luigi | Custom
- Plage Koopa | Hidden Track made available
- Riviere Luigi | Custom
- Ruines Seches | Texture Hack of Luigi Mansion (Desert-Style)

Flower Cup:
- Cercle De Lave | Custom (track by Ermii)
- Quartier Koopa | Texture Hack of Delfino Square
- Stade Flipper | Texture Hack of Beta Waluigi Pinball
- Circuit Emelber | Custom

Star Cup:
- Lac Antique | Custom (port from Diddy Kong Racing)
- Horloge Glisse-Glace | Texture Hack of Tick-Tock Clock
- Circuit Tuyau | Custom
- Route Celeste | Custom (port of Rainbow Road of MKDD)

Special Cup:
- Arene Bowser | Custom
- Pays Des Koopa | Custom
- CW Baby Park | Custom
- Route Arc-En-Ciel | Texture Hack of a Custom Track

Shell Cup:
- GB Mario Land | Texture Hack of SNES Mario Circuit 1
- Yawshi Circuit | Custom
- Foret Masskass | Custom
- Mini Route Arc-En-Ciel | Custom (port of Peach Beach from MKDD)

Banana Cup:
- N64 Circuit Mario | Custom (port of N64 Mario Raceway)
- Flipper De Glace | Texture Hack of Hidden Track
- GBA Chateau De Bowser | Custom (port of Bowser Castle 1 from MKSC)
- Park Bebe Mario | Custom

Leaf Cup:
- Jardin Chomp | Custom
- Alpes DK Été | Custom
- Desert De L'Eau | Custom
- GCN Circuit Mario | Hidden Track made available with textures

Lighting Cup:
- Monde Distortion | Custom
- Ville De Nuit | Custom
- Plage Volcanique | Custom
- SNES Route-Arc-En-Ciel | Custom (port of Rainbow Road from SMK)


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