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MelonDS Microdemo Template

A fairly easy-to-use Microdemo template made by CPU0.

How to use:
1. Open your course in any gamemode. It doesn't have to be specific. Yes, you can make battle mode microdemos as well.
2. Before the countdown starts, go to File => Save state => File... (Alternatively, you can just use the hotkey assigned to it)
3. Save your state. It doesn't matter where. Most likely, you will have to give the saved file an extension name. If you do, give it .mln
4. Put your save state(s) in the "microdemos" folder corresponding to the version of the emulator you saved it from.
5. Make sure your Microdemos work before making them. Test them with a vanilla ROM, or any MKDS ROM that isn't the origin of your Microdemo.
6. Do what the empty files tell you to.
7. Profit.

Download (Includes MelonDS Versions 0.8.3 and 0.9.1)

Last edit by arsenaI on Sun Dec 27 13:42:49 CST 2020