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NKM (File Type)

The NKM file type is used by Nintendo to store course information in Mario Kart DS. This stores information such as objects, paths, CPU routes, and cameras.

A normal race NKM file contains each of the following sections: OBJI, PATH, POIT, STAG, KTPS, KTPJ, KTP2, KTPC, KTPM, CPOI, CPAT, IPOI, IPAT, EPOI, EPAT, CAME, AREA.

This section describes the objects used in a track, including coordinates, scale, and route. The route can be either -1, or an index into the PATH section, which describes its motion.

This section connects multiple POITs together to form a route followed by OBJIs.

The POIT section contains a list of points that are connected by a PATH.

The STAG section contains some of the course aspects such as fog and KCL colors.

The KTPS section contains the location at which the racers are placed in at the beginning of a race. In battle mode, there are 8 of them, where on a normal track there is only 1.

The KTPJ section describes the respawn points on a course, for when the racer drives out of bounds.

I forgot what KTP2 does.

The KTPM section has cannon destination points.

The CPOI section contains a list of checkpoints the racer must cross in order to complete a lap. Each CPOI is made up of 2 points, and the racer must drive through a line that would connect them. The first point must be on the left-side of the racer, while the other point must be on the right-side of the racer. When the order of the points is mixed up, Lakitu will think the racer is faced the wrong way. The first checkpoint the racer crosses through must have keypoint ID 0, while all non-keypoints must have ID -1. The CPOIs are connected by CPATs, which can also be used to make alternate routes in a course.

The CPAT section contains information on how to connect the CPOIs together, and which CPOI is next. A CPAT has a start index and length, which tells which CPOIs are inside this CPAT. There are 3 goto slots and 3 come-from slots. A basic CPAT would have one goto and come-from set to 0, and the others -1 (255). These values indicate to where and from where this CPAT comes from and how it connects. A track that has a fork in one section may have 4 CPATs. One for the start, one for each direction on the fork, and one for where it joins back together and continues all the way until the beginning again.

Opening an NKM File
There are a number of diffferent programs available to open NKM files. Among these are:

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