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NSCR (File Format)

The NSCR format is a format for storing screen data (Nitro SCreen for Runtime), and is the runtime version of NSC. It stores a tile map that references a set of palettes and characters to produce an image.

File Structure

The NSCR file uses the generic Nitro header.

SCRN Section
The SCRN section of the file is what stores the screen data. It is simply an array of tiles, with each tile taking 2 bytes. The header is as follows:
0x00000x0004Section magic "NRCS"
0x00040x0004Section size, including headers
0x000C0x0002Palette format. Set to 0 for 16-color palettes, set to 1 for a 256-color palette, or set to 2 for 16 256-color palettes.
0x000E0x0002Type of screen. Set to 0 for a text BG, set to 1 for an affine BG, or set to 2 for an extended affine BG.
0x00100x0004Size of screen data.

The actual screen data is made up of 16-bit fields, that make up the screen. The format looks like:


where P is the 4-bit palette number, V and H specify horizontal/vertical tile flip, and C specifies the character to use.

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