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A repo for my project to take Nitro TGA files and reorder the palette for specific instances of shifting colours in certain Nintendo DS games.
Simply drag any (Palette16) Nitro TGA onto the program in Windows Explorer, and it will open the palette for you to move the colours around in and not alter the original image in doing so! You click on a colour in the palette, and it will be marked with an X, then you click another colour in the palette and the two colours will switch! Then, press 'Save To File' to actually write this information back to the file you dragged over the EXE. If you find yourself lost, you'll find most situations I could program for with my knowledge of how this all works have a unique error message to guide you in the right direction.

Last edit by JArmstrongArt on Fri Jun 11 09:57:39 CDT 2021