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Site Rules

This page outlines the rules for using this site.

1. Do not upload ROMs or anything illegal. This includes pirated software and the like.

2. Do not upload stolen content. This is content made by somebody else, who you did not credit.

3. Only one account per person. There is no reason you should have anything more.

4. Do not vandalize pages. This includes removing information, adding useless/irrelevant/false information.

5. When creating a hack page, you must include some form of proof, such as screenshots or video content.

6. When releasing a hack, do it in the form of a patch.

7. Use correct English in pages. This is an English-language site.

8. When using content made by someone else, do make sure to get their permission first.

9. Keep profane language to a minimum, if possible.

10. Do not spam the shoutbox please.

Last edit by Garhoogin on Mon May 04 17:01:47 CDT 2020